Sirius  – 2019

A young man and a young woman. He is making up fantastic stories and claims to hail from the star Sirius. She too might go there if only she would leave behind her human body and her life insurance on earth. Just as Scheherazade made up stories night after night to save her life, the young man makes up lies night after night to take a life of another. For very prosaic reasons, the planned (suicide) murder to which he manipulates the girl, fails, and in the 1980s, the “Sirius case” becomes known as a famous case study in German criminal law. Where otherwise photography is a reliable medium for determining criminal facts, a fairy-tale story must now circumscribe the indeterminable boundaries between narrative and crime. Anna Szkodas work is a renunciation of the documentary: in a world of manipulation, can the camera be more than an accomplice capturing illusions?

Find out more about the story in my book SIRIUS (Self Published, 2019).